Expanding Horizons.

I am surrounded by people stuck in a torpor. I guess that’s what office life does to you. Stay long enough in any given job, and you will know the work inside out. You get so comfortable doing your stuff that you forget what it was like, to face the unknown. To confront something out of the box. That element of surprise is gradually eliminated from your life. This, I think, is the one thing we should strive to avoid.

Our life should be spent always in search of new experiences. I believe that our life is like a video game. The beginner’s  level always seems to be perfect but every new experience unlocks a whole new level for you. Only then you realize how narrow and restricted your world really was. For example I took up cycling just about a month back. I discovered a huge cult of cycling enthusiasts all around me. The amount of planning, training and efforts people put in behind a seemingly ordinary sport of cycling blew me away. Just a couple of cycle rides opened up a whole new world of possibilities for me to which I would have been otherwise oblivious.

Travel alone to distant places; learn a new skill/ language; run a marathon; read books that challenge your beliefs; meet people outside of your little bubble. Every-time you do this, you will be adding new dimensions to your life. After every new challenge, you will evolve into a better, more experienced version of yourself. Isn’t that what life is all about?

All you touch and all you see; is all your life will ever be.- Pink Floyd






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