Go Figure.

Trying to pull off a prank,
Or talk about insane goals,
Rest assured she’s got your back.
Looking for food joints or trying to identify the stars,
She’ll readily help you out,
But were the stars 2 or 3?
She still hasn’t figured it out!

She’ll laugh along with your jokes,
Punctuate your stories with appropriate OKs and HMMs,
She’ll come up with some expert advice,
Genuine or Sarcastic?
Good luck figuring it out!

Sweltering sun or a thunderstorm,
She’ll silently tread along,
Trying to explore the world,
Outside and within,
What does she want?
Where does she belong?
She’s still figuring it out!

She oscillates between a psychopath and a Samaritan,
What hides  behind that cheerful smile,
On cloud 9 or weathering a storm within,
You’ll never know.
Good luck figuring her out!!


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